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Sarah addresses the entire operation of a business; its goals, management, employees,processes, operations, sales, marketing, finance and budgets and communication


Business Efficiency

Sarah's Efficiency Consulting addresses the entire scope of a business; from processes, management, employees, marketing and internal communication. Sarah will help create a framework for the businesses to adopt.


Sarah's experience of working for different companies in various industries has given her a unique insight into how to work together in teams and individually. Sarah’s experience and skillsets give her the ability to engage with senior management and employees of all levels providing valuable assistance and guidance where required.


​Sarah also will lead ad-hoc projects for businesses and is always looking for new revenue streams and ideas for each business.  


Strategic Planning

Business Review

Sarah offers 'Business Reviews' to help companies understand where change can be made to improve operational efficiency, internal communication and to find ways to increase profits.

She will spend 2-5 days within the business meeting with staff, examining the processes within the company and will provide an overview of her findings together with efficiency improvements within the business. 


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