Sarah Flindall

Business Efficiency Consultant 

Sarah started her career in The City working for Smith Barney & Co where she gained invaluable experience of the day-to-day operations of the business, accounts, budgeting, corporate event management, human resources and client relationship management.


Sarah has experience across a number of industries, and a proven track record of sustainable sales growth through the development of new business opportunities/new markets, the introduction of new products, and rigorous control of all finances, excellent people management and a strong focus on improving operational efficiency.


Sarah launched her own business offering organisational support services to entrepreneurs, sole traders, small businesses and high net worth individuals. This soon developed into consultancy services as clients quickly realised Sarah’s ability to help within their businesses.  Sarah enjoys working with senior management teams, entrepreneurs and business owners to help maximise the full potential of their businesses.

Over the last 4 years, Sarah has consulted for a number of leading companies, where she has been tasked with finding new income streams, enhancing procedures, improving internal communications and completing ad-hoc projects



Sarah offers a unique consultancy service to meet the specific needs, focussing on the improvement of operational efficiency and increasing profits...



Sarah helps businesses improve their processes, rethink strategies and implement solutions for success...



Sarah offers a 'Business Review' service to help companies understand where changes can be made within the business to improve communication, morale, efficiency, operations and to develop new income streams...


“We received excellent feedback on Sarah's role within each organisation.    Sarah is an excellent communicator who is extremely professional, diligent and methodical in her approach to every project.”

Bruce Gordon - Chief Executive/Founder - Thames Valley Capital Group

Sarah Flindall, SF Consultancy 
Tel: 07968 941882
London,United Kingdom

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